We are a small, owner-run safari company based in the Kafue National Park (KNP), Zambia. Phil & Tyrone started the company in 2012 initially organizing bespoke walking trails through Kafue and providing logistical support and guiding to natural history filmmakers.

It wasn’t until a year later that they earned the right to establish a small, temporary bush camp along the banks of the Kafue River, deep in the wilderness. It was so inaccessible that every single item had to be brought in by river. Finally, and together with an amazing group of local villagers (who now make up the backbone of our staff) the team opened up a track to the nearest road some 50km away that made it possible to drive in and out. Tyrone and Phil spent the next three years sharing a small, two-man tent, living one day at a time trying to build their reputation and put Kafue back on the map. 

It was during this time that they were able to explore and gradually built the infrastructure around them, including a modest game drive network. They spent many hours placing and monitoring camera traps to obtain a better understanding of the wildlife in the area, and supported the Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DNPW) to conduct anti-poaching efforts in previously inaccessible areas. This made an enormous difference and gradually wildlife began returning to the healthy numbers that a park like Kafue should boast.  

In 2016 they made the decision to establish Musekese Camp as a more permanent base from which to operate safaris; explorations led them to Eden Lagoon and thus their home was made and a lease agreement with DNPW signed. Three years down the line and the camp remains a charming fixture in the Kafue National Park, and whilst it evolves with the times one thing is for certain, it shall remain a bush camp!

When they embarked on this journey it was with conservation in mind and in 2018 were successful in establishing Musekese Conservation. Please take a moment to see what it is that they do here! 

It has been both a pleasure and an experience to have got to where we are today. Not a venture for the feint-hearted but the journey is highly rewarding and long may it last!

- Phil Jeffery & Tyrone McKeith

Conservation is at the heart of what we do

Musekese Conservation is a Zambian run Non-Profit organisation. We help to provide resources for conservation projects working across the Musekese-Lumbeya area. Our primary focus is to establish law enforcement and research initiatives that contribute to the preservation of wildlife and communities within the Kafue National Park.

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