The story…

Tyrone and Phil first met at University where both were studying for degrees at the world renowned Durrell Institue of Conservation Ecology at the University of Kent, UK. During that time Phil and Tyrone hatched the idea of establishing an ethical safari business, whose goal would be to utilise expert local knowledge, provide employment for the local people and adhere to strong ecological and conservationist values, principles which continue to undergird Jeffery and McKeith Safaris.

Today, Musekese & Ntemwa-Busanga camps are globally recognised for their quality safari experience and the incredible passion and extreme dedication of J&M’s promotion and conservation of the wildlife of the Kafue.

Currently, Phil and Tyrone are working hard to promote ‘Musekese Conservation’ whilst maintaining the global reputation that Jeffery & McKeith Safaris and its’ two camps, Musekese and Ntemwa-Busanga, have established.

Further to their success and the positive impact they have created in the Kafue, Jeffery & McKeith Safaris expertise in planning, and guiding has made them a firm favourite with many of the world’s best-known wildlife documentary filmmakers, wishing to film amongst Zambia’s incredible wildlife. Film location camps are managed under the ‘Reel Nature’ banner, a part of the Jeffery & McKeith Safaris family of wildlife companies.

Our Team


Mubita Mubita

So nice they named him twice! Along with Ernest, Mubita has been with us since the very beginning. A general worker at Musekese Camp, not often seen, but often heard (laughing!), always working hard to feed his 2 wives and multiple children.


Ernest Muhongo

The joker of the staff! Our joint-longest serving staff member, Ernest started with us on Day 1 and continues to go from strength to strength, from mastering house-keeping, now to waitering and cheffing. Hailing from the agricultural community of 'TBZ' he enjoys the seasonality of the safari season.


Gilbert Chiwaya

Gilbert is one of the most senior guides in Zambia, qualified to the highest level in several of Zambia's wildlife areas. Aside to his depth of knowledge he is an absolute gentleman with a subtle sense of humor that is impossible to not be infected by!


Mickson Kapaipi

Kapaipi is the main man in the kitchen. Small in stature but large in personality and experience; Kapaipi has always and continues to keep ourselves and our guests well fed in his role as Head Chef!

Conservation is at the heart of what we do

Musekese Conservation is a Zambian run Non-Profit organisation. We help to provide resources for conservation projects working across the Musekese-Lumbeya area. Our primary focus is to establish law enforcement and research initiatives that contribute to the preservation of wildlife and communities within the Kafue National Park.

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