One of the best aspects of our safaris is the variety of activities; whether it’s a love of birds, water, big game or just wanting to feel a little closer to the bush, we’re here to help you plan your safari, make it your trip and your memories.

Game Drives

Game drives are a sure bet for wildlife photographers allowing you to get closer and cover greater distances. We have a modest road network designed by us to maximize game viewing opportunities whilst also preserving the different habitats and leaving great expanses for walking.

Walking Safaris

Walking is best in the morning when temperatures are cool and tracks and signs are fresh! Walks are tailored to suit, but are typically a gentle amble through the bush. This allows you to experience the smaller, more intricate things that might be missed from a vehicle.

Boat Safari

Boating is arguably one of the finest ways in which to experience the Kafue National Park; little is known about the Kafue River by first time visitors, but it never fails to impress, with its crystal clear perennial waters drawing in boundless wildlife and a stunning array of birds.

Treehouse Hide

At Musekese, near the camp itself, is an elevated hide overlooking the Northern portion of the Eden Lagoon. Relax on a comfy beanbag with a cold drink and binoculars in hand and see what unfolds…

Bird Watching

Birding is exceptional throughout the Kafue – whether on a multi-hour birding walk in the bush, or on a short meander around the confines of the camps with your guide and/or host, you will be sure to see birds both numerous and rare.